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Caught Unprepared for the Recent Global Crisis that is Affecting Your Business?

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Recent global events have caught many businesses, large and small, unprepared to have their staffs work without face to face interaction. To help you continue to operate your business The Web Clinic is offering it’s expertise in remote work technologies to as many companies as possible. If you would like a free consultation with one of our experts please complete the contact form below.

We are certified administrators for Office 365, G Suite and Zoho One.

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Zoho One or Zoho Remotely

Our favorite remote work suite. Zoho can literally meet all your business needs in one cohesive work suite. During the current crisis Zoho is offering it’s remote work suite Remotely free of charge to teams who need to work from home.

We whole heartedly recommend moving your team to Zoho. It has the greatest set of features at the best price point available.

Microsoft Office 365

Tried and true, Microsoft probably offers the set of business tools you are most familiar with and they have updated them to be excellent cloud based services. If you and your team have been using Office for years transitioning to remote work with Office 365 will be the most painless path to take. Our experts can guide you down that path and make sure there are no wrong turns.

G Suite

Google’s G Suite platform provides many of the tools you need to get you and your staff working remotely and features the greatest set of cloud service integrations known to man.

If you want simple and reliable with tremendous extensibility for the tech savvy, G Suite is a great choice.

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